What is Squad Quest?

Squad Quest is a weeklong competition that sees teams of students compete to solve riddles as quickly as they can to find the Gig Harbor location they describe and get there to take a picture together. There are also Side Quests that provide challenges for team to complete together for points -- such as creating a flash mob or building a Rube-Goldberg. 


Squad Quest is built to help students connect with one another, especially new students and underclassmen. It's also an ideal time to invite students who are not normally a part of our program since it's a lot of fun and very easy to participate in!

If you sign up for summer camp, you're already signed up for Squad Quest, since this year the fun will continue right in to camp with the same teams. If you or a friend is not able to join us for camp, please use the link below.

The game is run on our Instagram, @chapelhillpcstudents, so check there to keep current on all things Squad Quest. 

Special Rules for COVIDtide

We want to make Squad Quest open to everyone, especially students who are still in a more heavy quarantine. This year, in all pictures where students are closer than 6 feet, they must be wearing masks. Additionally, we ask that students carpooling also wear masks as they drive to complete quests. Lastly, we have lots of hand sanitizer available for students to pick up and keep in their cars or pull out when their team gets together. 

Students: Remember, taking precautions is a way that we love one another and care for the vulnerable among us. Masking up is something we do for others, not ourselves.

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