We're working hard to put out engaging, useful content regularly on our YouTube channel. We've premiered our last month of program on our channel, and all of it is accessible to anyone who wants to go back and watch or re-watch segments, messages, etc. We also know that not all of our students will be comfortable attending our meetings even with physical distancing, so we will continue to post worship and the message from each program night over the summer, and vlog-style recap of the evening from our fellowship nights, so students can feel connected to what's going on even if they're unable to attend in person. 


The main way we distribute information is through our Instagram page, @chapelhillpcstudents. It's also a great way to get ahold of us quickly, so feel free to DM us! 


Every month we send out a e-newsletter with important dates, the current message series, and upcoming events. If you would like to receive these updates, please shooJohn Reich an email.(