27th:   HSM Program            6:00p - 8:15pm. The "How Come" series continues                                         

27th:   Worship workshop    4:00p-6:00p

28th:   Mellow Monday        12:00p-4:00p

29th:   SMHomeroom           12:00p-4:00p



1st:    SMHomeroom           12:00p-4:00p

4th:   HSM Program:            6:00p-8:15p The "How Come?" series continues

5th:   Mellow Monday         12:00p-4:00p

6th:   SMHomeroom            12:00p-4:00p

7th:   Adventure Time         3:00p-5:00p/Jayson Miller, Dave Haugen, John Reich, Todd Atkins/Bring your                                                            hybrid, trail, or mountain bike to 360 park for some riding. Refreshments provided.                                                  Directions: take hwy 16 north from Gig Harbor, exit  the Purdy 302 exit, follow to the                                              light, turn left over the Purdy Spit, drive about 3.5 miles and you will see Gate Way                                                  Park (360 park) on the right hand side (there is a big toy on the right in the park...the                                              main park entrance is about 100 yards further up). 

8th:   SMHomeroom           12:00p-4:00p

11th: HSM Program            6:00p-8:15p

12th: Mellow Monday         12:00p-4:00p

13th: SMHomeroom            12:00p-4:00p

15th: SMHomeroom            12:00p-4:00p

15th: Thirsty Thursday         5:00p-6:00p Come worship together with the team

16th: Life 101                      6:30p-8:30p Join Tina Lerch as she shows you how to bake cookies. Please contact                                                    Tina via email at kristinalerch@outlook.com to reserve a spot. 

18th: HoCo Outreach          TBD

19th: Mellow Monday         12:00p-4:00p

20th: SMHomeroom            12:00p-4:00p

21st: Adventure Time          Corn Maze Event Time: TBD

22nd: SMHomeroom           12:00p-4:00p

25th: HSM Program             6:00p-8:15p

26th: Mellow Monday         12:00p-4:00p

27th: SMHomeroom            12:00p-4:00p

29th: SMHomeroom            12:00p-4:00p

31st: Scary Good Fun          Costume Event Time: TBD


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