H  S  M



Welcome to Chapel Hill HSM! 

We are dedicated to discipling and serving high school students in the Gig Harbor and the surrounding area. 

    I would like to introduce myself to you and your student(s). I am Greta Miller, the current Interim Director of the High School Ministry (HSM) here at Chapel Hill Church. I wanted to reach out with a little of who I am and what the plan is for the fall.
    I have been married for almost 20 years to my husband and partner in all things; Jayson Miller. We have three fantastically fun and faith seeking kids all who are all a part of this ministry. We own and run a second-generation remodeling and custom home building business, where I get to design beautiful projects and manage them, as well as do all the fun office and administration side of things. We live on, ever-evolving acreage in Olalla and love every minute of it!
    I have been involved in many areas of Chapel Hill ministry ranging from Monday Mornings out, to Moppets, as well as a VBS game Leader.  If you ever came through the gym and saw an odd character teaching how throwing socks relates to finding Jesus, then you have crossed paths with me.
    I have spent the last 8 years volunteering in the youth department, working with the staff, volunteers, and students.  I love this age group so much, especially getting to share good and hard thoughts with teens and tweens.  It takes a certain tenacity to stick with youth ministry.  This is where my remodeling career comes in handy! Every day we are a new creation and the Lord sees all our potential before we even know we might need to renovate. Youth Ministry is a work in progress, and I love watching how students will demolish their ideas of who they are in the world, and start to remodel their vision of how they see themselves, and the world, as the Lord sees them; full of wonder and beauty. I won’t sugar coat it though, being a teen is hard and the world is changing so quickly that what I hear from students most often is, they crave stability and authenticity from those in their lives. I strive to be those things whenever possible.
    This season I plan to create spaces and places for students, leaders, and parents to connect and find an authentic a stable community in an ever changing landscape. I already know many of you and/or your student(s), but I welcome the chance to sit down and chat together about how our ministry can be a solid framework for you and your student.  Last week we, as a ministry team, sent out the list of what is planned and I am encouraged to hear that students are already excited to jump in and connect with us and others!
    We will continue to update you this fall on program opportunities, events, and our progress with finding a new Director.  Until then, please know that my door is open and I’d love to connect with you.  However, since I am working part time, while being a full-time parent and business owner, it may take me 24 hours to get back to you.  Please feel free to reach out to me at gmiller@chapelhillpc.org or (360) 259-7270 texting is welcome.

I look forward to serving your student(s) during this season! 
With gratitude-
Greta Miller